MTC - Camp MinsiMinsi Trails SkillsFest

August 5 - 10, 2018 at Camp Minsi, Pocono Summit, PA

Minsi Trails Council is proud to continue SkillsFest, an exciting summer camp experience for Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers, at Camp Minsi. This specialty week provides in-depth and hands-on experiences to help participants explore careers, trade skills, scientific fields, and technology – all while having fun in a great camp environment.

During the week participants will have opportunities to work towards earning a variety of BSA skill awards and advancements – including merit badges, STEM/Nova awards, the William T. Hornaday Award, and much more! Experts and knowledgeable professionals in each field of study will help guide participants as they explore a variety of careers and subjects.

Participants attending individually (or with a buddy) will join a fully-staffed provisional unit for the week, living and learning within a specific sub-camp alongside youth with shared interests.



Got questions? Contact us at campminsi@minsitrails.org.


  • Develop skills – The experiences in SkillsFest give participants a chance to be creative, develop leadership and learn things along with skilled professionals and instructors.

  • Dive deeper – The specialized sub-camp atmosphere of SkillsFest allows participants to immerse themselves into a field of study – from environmentalism or emergency response to scientific exploration.

  • Learn from the experts – The instructors at SkillsFest are the real deal. Participants will get to work with, and learn from, real-world scientists, doctors, engineers, trade technicians, first responders, and other professionals working in the field.

  • Prepare for your future – Develop skills, build your résumé, and establish connections. Pave the way for a future career! Jobs in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are projected to grow 17% in the next year and salaries average 26% more than non-STEM jobs.

  • Collaborate (and make new friends) – This week allows participants to work alongside other youth with shared interests and with experts and professionals in a variety of fields. Meet and work with other youth from around the region with a shared interest.

  • Earn achievements – By working with counselors and mentors during SkillsFest, participants will be able to complete various merit badges, STEM awards, Ranger electives, and other BSA achievements within their field of study!

  • Have fun! – This is probably the most important part of any week at camp, participants at SkillsFest will have lots of great opportunities for fun, fellowship, action and adventure.


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