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Camp Minsi Summer Camp 2021

Being Prepared to Camp Safely | COVID-19 Modifications

Your safety and comfort has always been our #1 priority, and we are looking at every aspect of camp to keep everyone who attends Camp Minsi happy and healthy. Our directors are working hard to be prepared for summer 2021. Some things will be different, but the spirit, excitement, and fun of a week at Camp Minsi will be the same as they’ve always been. We are adjusting our programs, capacities, and procedures in order to give Scouts more space and a better overall experience as we adapt to a new normal.

Safety precautions are already being planned for 2021 to keep make our programs safer and stronger:

  • Before Arrival – Participants and their immediate households are encouraged to ensure proper social distancing for two weeks prior to attending Camp Minsi. Pre-screening protocols will be in place to reduce the potential of exposure to COVID-19 or other illness. All participants (youth and adults) must complete the COVID-19 Pre-Camp Medical Screening Checklist on the day of their departure to and arrival at camp. A current BSA health form is required from all participants and high-risk individuals are asked to get the appropriate clearance from their doctor before attending camp.
  • Modified Check In – Our check-in procedures will change to reduce the movement of units; including in-site check-in and medical screenings. Visitors, and those dropping Scouts off, will be limited to the parking lot only. Opportunities for units to complete their swim checks prior to their arrival will be made available to reduce crowds at the Aquatics Center.
  • Campsites Accommodations – Campsite assignments have been made to provide each unit with the maximum number of platform canvas wall tents and cots to help accommodate social distancing of one person per tent. Scouts and leaders can also bring their own tents, tarps, or sleep in hammocks if they prefer a more open-air option. Fully-vaccinated individuals, siblings from the same household, or those taking additional precautions will be allowed to share tents if they desire. Those sharing a tent should be arranged head-to-toe to ensure distance between their faces, and a physical plastic sheet barrier will be available to divide the tent and provide additional protection as well. Masks should not be worn when sleeping, and we recommend sleeping with tent flaps open (weather permitting). Tents and cots will be sanitized between each week of camp. Units will also be placed socially distant from other units to limit contact in their campsite.
  • Meal Service & Dining – Meal service at Camp Minsi will be altered to restrict the number of people who access the dining facilities at a given time. Breakfasts and lunches will be served from the dining hall during an open timeframe in a cafeteria/takeout style. Scouts will be able to enjoy their meals outside in various picnic areas. If there is inclement weather, open-air covered dining areas will be available, including limited dining hall space, porchside tables, and large covered canopy/pavilion dining areas. Dinners will be delivered to the troop campsites and enjoyed while maintaining outdoor social-distancing by the members of each individual troop/patrol.
  • Program Areas – The open-air and the outdoors is the backbone of the summer camp program. Programs are being adjusted to promote social distancing and utilize outdoor spaces. Merit badge classes and other programs will have capacity limits set for pre-registration to reduce large crowds, and small groups and the patrol method will be used to facilitate instruction. We will be adjusting our campwide programs (such as campfires, chapel services, ceremonies and other events) to reduce mass-gatherings of Scouts. Program areas will increase sanitizing of all common areas and supplies.
  • General Health & Safety – Additional safety procedures will include temperature checks, increased hand sanitizer and handwashing stations, promoting physical distancing throughout camp, and the use of facial coverings. Camp Minsi will require face masks (covering the nose and mouth) for all individuals in any common areas (inside buildings and when working within 6-feet of others). Increased training for staff will be provided to ensure sanitizing and safety protocols are being applied in all areas of camp.
  • More Information – If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at campminsi@minsitrails.org. As we formalize the specific details of our new policies and procedures, documents will be posted on www.campminsi.org.


Download the Pre-Camp Medical Screening Checklist -



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