Welcome to the home base of Maritime Club 940

based on Stillwater Lake at Camp Minsi


Maritime Explorer Club 940 is a special-interest Exploring program that offer boys and girls water-based adventure and career exploration. Adventures include an emphasis in, on, or under water such as sailing, paddle sports, or other types of boating. Career discovery includes maritime-related fields. Club members can participate along with the Sea Scout Ship in many of the same activities. Youth learn from experienced practitioners and professionals, as well as thru hands-on maritime experiences. This is lifelong learning, in an exciting, informal format.


Girls and boys ages 10-14 who have not completed the 8th grade can join a Maritime Explorer Club. Many youth in the Maritime Club join the Sea Scout Ship when they turn 14 and continue their adventure!  Sea Scouts are young people, ages 14-20.

You can learn more about Sea Scout Ship 940 at:  www.Ship940.org ,  and more about what Sea Scouts and Maritime Clubs do at: