Northampton District Roundtable - No Summertime Blues

Northampton District Roundtable - No Summertime Blues
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April – No Summertime Blues

Wednesday the 14th is our April Roundtable!

Pssst: Pass the word to your Den Leaders and Assistant Scoutmasters, they are welcome too!


Our main discussion topic will be: Recruiting New Leaders.

Now technically us adult leaders can’t wear the Recruiter Strip on our uniforms.

But that doesn’t mean that one of our most important jobs isn't to get more adults to help out.

To help with this we will be talking about recommended tools and methods to bring in more leaders.


From there we will have two breakout rooms:

For Cub Scout Leaders we will take a look at how to earn the National Summertime Pack Award. (Hint: It’s easy!)

For Scouts BSA we will talk about Planning for High Adventure. And we won’t just be talking about the Four National High Adventure Bases either.

The meeting link to click on is:



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