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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend SkillsFest?

SkillsFest is open to any registered Boy Scout, Venturer, or Explorer (boys ages 10 to 20, and girls ages 14 to 20). If you are not regierested in a unit, you can sign up for Scouting by calling 610-264-8551 or visiting signup4scouts.com.

Do Scouts attend with their troop/crew/post or as individuals?

This program is designed for Scouts to register and attend as individuals (although they can sign-up with a buddy or two from their home unit). Participants will be placed into a fully-staffed "provisional unit" for the week, living and learning within a specific sub-camp alongside other youth with shared interests.

Where will participants be staying?

Participants will be staying in our summer camp campsites. Each site is equipped with standard BSA canvas tents on raised wooden platforms. Tents hold two cots. Each site also includes a comfort station with private latrine facilities and running water. A site canopy, picnic tables and fire circle provide communal areas as well.

When should I arrive? When does the week end?

The SkillsFest program runs from Sunday, August 5, 2018 to Friday, August 10, 2018. Arrival and check-in starts at 2:30pm on Sunday. The week concludes and Scouts are dismissed on Friday after dinner (7PM). Parents and/or Scout leaders are invited join us on Friday for our Find-Out Fair and closing banquet starting at 5PM.

What merit badges and other awards are available for Boy Scouts during this week?

A full list of the 30 Boy Scout merit badges and other BSA advancements can be found right here. All merit badges being offered at SkillsFest are designed to be fully completed during the week. Due to the expert teachers and special opportunities being offered during this week, there are no extra pre-requisites for any of the badges. Scouts do not need to pre-select the individual badges they plan to take each day, they simply need to identify their overall sub-camp choice when they register. 

In the evenings, Scouts will have the opportunity to attend special workshops to work towards earning BSA's Nova Awards. In addition to earning science related meirt badges during the week, Scout will be able to complete one of the BSA's five Nova awards and begin on the path towards earning the Supernova Award. They will also be equipped with the tools and resources to continue working on other Nova Awards as they continue on the path to achieve the Supernova Award outside of camp. Participants in the Responder sub-camp will have the opportunity to attend American Red Cross training sessions to earn American Red Cross certifications for basic First Aid and CPR/AED.

Can I take merit badges in multiple sub-camps?

For the SkillsFest week, Scouts are asked to select a sub-camp when they register. Each sub-camp offers a track of seven badges and also provides an "identity" and home-base for the Scouts. To get the complete SkillsFest experience, we really encourage each Scout to stick with the cumulative and immersive learning environment offered in their sub-camp. Sub-camp members will grow as a team throughout the week as they work, learn and live together. 

However, if a Scout really wants to take a merit badge that is being offered in one of the other sub-camps (because they've already earned the badge being offered in their sub-camp that day, or because they have a strong interest, or because they have another compelling need), they can talk to their sub-camp leader to select another badge and jump in with another sub-camp for the day. We discourage Scouts from excessively jumping from sub-camp to sub-camp; but we can accommodate an exception or two if a Scout has a strong want or need to get a specific badge.

What should I bring to camp?

Any good Scout should "be prepared" and bring the necessary items when they go camping. A suggested list of things to bring to camp can be found right here. An Annual BSA Medical Form (Parts A, B, and C) will be need upon you arrival at camp. You can download the form right here

I have a special skill or interest, how can I share it with the Scouts or staff?

We welcome volunteers, skill experts and leaders to share the knowledge, skills, passions, and interests. Please let us know if you have skills, a career, or other knowledge that could be beneficial to badges being offered. Please feel free to contact us to let us know how you can help.

I still have questions.

If you have any additional questions about Camp Minsi or SkillsFest, please feel free to contact us.


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