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This program is designed to offer Lone Scouts/Scouters opportunities for backpacking and other “high adventure” trips offered outside of the National Adventure Camps. Making backpacking and high adventure trips available to individuals who otherwise might not be able to participate. These are generally conducted locally/regionally by a unit and the Crew is not filled.

Trips will be advertised with dates, destination, type or description of trip, requirements and a rating (to indicate experience needed)

Rating Key

Level 1 – no experience or equipment needed

Level 2 – some experience or equipment needed (generally not your first trip)

Level 3 – for experienced participants with proper equipment

Current medical form, youth protection and PA Act 15 clearance (as required) are expected for all Scouts/Scouters who apply to fill a spot on any activity.

Unit Request for advertising High Adventure Trip

To advertise your adventure and make available to others click link:

Waiting List available for 2020 trek, please contact Bonnie Keller, Camping Department, Minsi Trails Council at 610-465-8568 or bonnie.keller@scouting.org.

Explore the Philmont high country in northeastern New Mexico on a 12 day backpacking expedition. Challenge yourself as you climb mountains over two miles high. Programs include technical rock climbing, archeological excavation techniques, horseback riding, rifle shooting, blacksmithing and more. Discover the adventure of Scouting’s Paradise as over 1 million Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and leaders have since 1939.

Minsi Trails Council offers a 12 day backpacking trip at Philmont with a 1-2 day pre-trip as part of our expeditions. Generally, our trip runs early to mid - July and continues for a 2 week period. Each “Crew” is made up of 7 to 12 people, with a 2 adult minimum and 4 adult maximum on each crew. Scouts must be 14 years of age or 13 years of age and have completed the 8th grade. All participants must be registered in the BSA. Fees include transportation to and from the airports, airline flights, a 1-2 day pre-trip in Colorado, and fees for the Philmont excursion itself.

 For more information please contact Bonnie Keller, Camping Department, Minsi Trails Council at 610-465-8568 or bonnie.keller@scouting.org.

Local / National Upcoming Events or Opportunities 

Other Local Adventure Opportunities

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BSA National High Adventure Opportunities

Interested in one of the National High Adventure Camps, check them out here:

Nobody offers more exhilarating or a wider variety of high adventure for young people than the Boy Scouts of America. Through high adventure experiences, The Boy Scouts of America leaves lasting memories with youth and fosters development in character and leadership.
Challenge yourself at the BSA’s High Adventure™ bases. From the aquatic adventures of Florida Sea Base to the canoeing or winter camping challenge of Northern Tier , from the backpacking expeditions at Philmont Scout Ranch to the adventure sports programs at The Summit Bechtel Reserve , these experiences will shape you and teach you about yourself. Will you answer the call?

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